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MWB team member will contact you at a scheduled time to aid in the checkout process


Vacuum Steamers

Ultra-Tech Clean Machine

Сan eliminate toxic cleaning chemicals & throw out your mop! Save time, and finally effectively clean. The pressure and steam combined dislodges the dirt and grime and the vacuum picks it up instantly!
The Most Advanced, Revolutionary Cleaning System Taking Vacuuming, Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing to a New Level

Designed in the US & Italy and made in Italy, The Sanitizing System combines 4 machines in one:

● Ultra high efficient water filtration vacuum● Dry vapor steam cleaner● Sanitizing system● Aromatizer


The Ultra – Tech Clean Machine does the following & much more:

Creates Superheated Dry Vapor Steam 318 F / 159 C

The 5.5 Bar Pressure steam helps remove most stains.

A Chemical Free, ecologically friendly, allows homeowners to avoid using any dangerous toxic cleaning chemicals.

The Intelligent Boiler Technology manages the continues flow of Steam

Aromatizes your home with the Carico’s Natural organic oils.

Simply the best all in one home care product.

A modern, more effective way to clean and sanitize all surfaces without costly toxic chemicals, unsanitary mops, inefficient brooms and rags, which spread germs around surfaces.

Using 318°F/158°C of 95% dry vapor steam it will dislodge dirt and grime, inactivate viruses and kill bacteria…Ultra Tech Clean machine the solution for a healthier home!

Pro Series 360

A Healthier Solution to Clean and Sanitize Your Business

Today people are aware of the importance of a safe indoor environment.
Professional cleaning is not always as thorough as it should be and cleaning chemicals pose a variety of harmful health hazards.
Inefficient cleaning methods such as…

  • Fogging:

     Disinfectants used may not be safe or effective CDC hasn’t deemed this method as the most effective way to combat ddCovid-19

  • Vacuuming:

     Only removes particulates Doesn’t eliminate virus, bacteria or germs

  • Mopping:

     Spreads toxic chemicals and dirt Breeding grounds for germs and bacteria

Now you can make your business safe by eliminating the risks associated with the use of toxic chemicals!

    Daycare Centers
    Nursing Homes
    Locker Rooms
    Restaurants / Bars
    Medical / Dental Facilities

Pro Series 360 is a commercial grade sanitizing system that produces dry vapor steam at a temperature of up to 360°F.

Pro Series 360 is the only unit you need for a clean and safe business! 3 Machines in 1:

1. Ultimate Commercial Steamer

    Dry vapor steam temperature: 360° F / 175° C.
    Neutralizes mold, bacteria, viruses and germs
    Fast and hygienic cleaning without chemicals
    Dual boiler for rapid heating and continuous refill.
    3.3 liters continuous fill boiler with an additional 2 liter reserve.

2. Powerful Vacuum

    Wet/dry capability.
    Water filtration with washable filter.
    Collection tank with capacity volume of 6 liters/1.6 gallon.

3. Hot Water Extraction

    Equipped with hot water extraction tank for extra cleaning power.
    Ability to use with non-foaming, neutral cleaning agents.
    Extraction tank with capacity volume of 2 liters/.5 gallon.


    19 standard attachments for every cleaning need.
    Safety handle with integrated, precise steam, hot water and vacuum control.
    Boiler power 1800 W.
    Innovative, easy descaling system.
    Hose range: 9.53 ft.
    Ergonomically commercial grade handle for easier use and reach.
    Convenient, on board carrying box for attachments.
    Wheel base provides easy turning

Pro Series 360 is the solution for all your sanitizing needs!